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Miniatur Wunderland is the grandest, most detailed model railroad set I’ve ever seen.

Attaching a DSLR camera to an RC copter to get some great aerial video. I’d love to do this if I had the camera, a copter and the skills to fly it without fear of going down in a ball of expensive flames.

The “elevator of blood” scene from The Shining recreated entirely in CG. The author points out that the viscous appearance of the blood is because of too few particles rendered for the final product. He asserts that in order to get the watery look just right, close to 10 million more particles would have been necessary — a rendering task that would most likely have crushed his workstation.

An Italian hillside turns to pudding after recent heavy rains.

A fine supercut of one of Hollywood’s most commonly yelled lines. Unfortunately it almost always goes unheeded.

BBC’s feature The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartography explores the beauty of ancient maps and the technology we use today to chart the universe and intangible spaces such as the internet.

This sort of thing makes me all tingly.

Travis Pastrana. Hero.

And by basic I mean difficult for those who don’t know their way around the kitchen. Still, these videos are helpful, even more so that you can watch how they do it, rather than reading step by step instructions.

I don’t care how well a guy can catch a ball or put it through a basket. Now how fast he can run—that’s a different story. This Jacoby Ford fellow is impressive.

The violent smashing is a nice touch.


David Attenborough explains how the BBC recreated a time lapse of a nature preserve in studio for their show Life. The sixty second spot took two years to build and photograph.